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  • Netgear Configuration?

    I have an ADSL modem I have connected it to WAN port of Netgear WGR14v10 from there it is connected to a 24 Port D-link switch. We have 16 PC's is our network and one server. These PCs are neither able to communicate each other nor connecting to the server. But we are getting Internet connection in all the PCs including the server. Can you please help us to fix this issue?

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  • How to prepare a Resume?


    I am working as a System Administrator in a web developement company. I am handling Web hosting side we are using Cpanel and Parallels Plesk for web hositng I would like to prepare resume in these areas. Please tell me hoe to prepare a resume which suites for my profile.

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  • Network Issue Please Help?


    Our company is a Web Development Company having 30 Computers running. We are having the clients in US. While taking to the client using Skype, the call gets dropped.

    And we are not able to download the files from any sites... please help us to find out the Issue.

    3 réponsesComputer NetworkingIl y a 10 années
  • Cpanel informations to client?


    i'm working in a web development company and i'm sending mails to the clients regarding the cpanel login informations after hosting site in our server. So i need a mail format something like welcome or thanks giving. please suggest me the best mail format.

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  • Duties of System Administrator?


    what are the responsibilities and duties of a system administrator in a web development company.???

    please give me a clear picture. i am a fresher.

    2 réponsesSecurityIl y a 1 décennie
  • best way to learn PHP?


    i want to learn PHP from home itself. can you please suggest me the best way to learn,

    any documentation available on internet. please give me the website link.

    7 réponsesProgramming & DesignIl y a 1 décennie
  • dual boot windows 7 and fedora 12?

    is that possible to install windows 7 in my C: partition by removing XP and i have Fedora 12 already installed in my HDD.i don't want to loose it. and i have two more partitions containing valuable files in it.

    2 réponsesSoftwareIl y a 1 décennie
  • Wind OS X bootable HDD?

    i hav wind OS X DVD iso image with me.and i have a USB HDD.I want to make that HDD bootable so that i can boot wind OS installation process from that USB Hard laptop is MSI Windbook it doesn't have Optical Drive.

    Is that possible to make it bootable???

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  • How to remove Windows XP from C partition?


    Iam using XP in my C partition and Ubuntu in my last partition (probably F partition).Iam planning to remove XP from C partition.and store my files in this partition...I don't want to loose my ubuntu...i have installed so many 3rd party applications in ubuntu.

    Is that possible to remove XP without corrupting Ubuntu???

    3 réponsesDesktopsIl y a 1 décennie
  • ip change in ADSL Modem?

    How to change ip of ADSL modem. or is it possible to provide ip pool in adsl modem???

    8 réponsesComputer NetworkingIl y a 1 décennie
  • Norton Ghost 2003 issues?


    i have 160GB Sata HD of western digital make,amd 64 x2 processor, 2gb of RAM,MSI K9AGM2 mainboard.

    i installed a new fresh copy of windows XP SP2.and some essential apps in C: partition of 20 gb. and i have another partition F: of 60gb free.i tried to make backup of whole c: partition to F: with ghost. my OS is getting corrupted and XP is not booting.

    4 réponsesDesktopsIl y a 1 décennie
  • Lexmark x1270 driver for ubuntu 9.10?

    pls gimme the website link for lexmark x1270 driver suitable in Ubuntu 9.10.

    2 réponsesPrintersIl y a 1 décennie
  • Error while printing in all linux distros?

    i'm getting "error while printing" message in all linux distro not able to print.i'm using lexmark 1200 series printer.

    2 réponsesSoftwareIl y a 1 décennie
  • LG cookie Powering off Automatically?

    I bought a new LG Cookie KP500 one week before but it is powering off while it is in POCKET.Why is it happening so???

    1 réponseMobile Phones & PlansIl y a 1 décennie
  • Touch-Screen Phone in INDIA?

    Which is the cheapest Touch-Screen Phone available in INDIA???

    3 réponsesMobile Phones & PlansIl y a 1 décennie
  • GYM Health Club weight loosing?

    I have been doing Gym for last 6 months but i couldn't loose my weight when i was joining i had 80KG still iam having 78KG.i want to loose my weight and build up my body......what has to be done???

    3 réponsesDiet & FitnessIl y a 1 décennie
  • After Bsc to take MBA ?

    Iam currently doing my Bsc in Visual Communication after that i like to go for there any difficulties for that???......will be the syllabus tough for me??? there any entrance test for joining MBA???

    5 réponsesHigher Education (University +)Il y a 1 décennie
  • Fashion and Modeling Sites?

    Which is the best site for getting genuine Fashion and Modeling Jobs???

    2 réponsesOther - Beauty & StyleIl y a 1 décennie
  • NIC Driver For Redhat Linux?

    My NIC Card is realtek rtl810e.but it is not detecting in REDHAT Enterprises linux 5....Please give me instruction how to install.......please gimme me the details for similar driver suitable for this card which will work on LINUX.

    thank u.

    1 réponseLaptops & NotebooksIl y a 1 décennie
  • difference in redhat linux and sun solaris?

    difference in redhat linux and sun solaris OS???

    1. In Software level

    2. In Certification level.

    1 réponseSoftwareIl y a 1 décennie