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  • how do i delete duplicates automatically on itunes -windows?

    hi guys

    i 've seen this question asked on here before but the answers miss out some things im looking for

    1-im looking for a windows solution not mac (i know about doug scripts for mac)

    2-im lookng for a auto solution not manually- show duplicates -i have 100 gb on my ipod and over 140 in my itunes library .and i recently realised that about 3500 songs are dupes

    3- im looking for freeware that will remove dupes .i.e if there is one that can do the job..if not i'll have to go for some shareware ..

    so just need your 2 cents


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  • xbox 360 japan -cable questions

    i have a 360 -from using it in india

    it has a cable which looks similair to the composite Vga cable

    but the output end is very different from any of the ones i have seen in stores or on net.

    its composite something thats looks like a cross between HDmi & Vga .

    i have a sony full HDTv .and to enjoy HD from my 360 ..i cant use this on my hdmi,pc port ..or even a Dvi port on my another lcd monitor .what could this part of cable be .and wher can i use this .

    do i need some adapter ..

    teh box and manual is written in japanese obviously.

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