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Why cant Link in the Zelda series talk he just squeaks?

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    Link has never talked, not since day one.

    As I remember it, the people at Nintendo felt that if they were to give Link a voice, there would be people dissastified with it and would lose interest in the game much more quickly.

    There is also the point to be considered: how would they decide which voice was perfect for one of the greatest hero's ever? Mario and Luigi were obviously Italian, so there wasn't a big surprise there when we heard their voice.

    You'll notice that many Nintendo hero's don't have a voice unless absolutely necessary. Fox McCloud HAD to have a voice to communicate with the other ships. Samus Aran has no voice, but we know she is a woman. Donkey Kong, Diddy, etc. are animals and don't communicate with words outside of text, same is true with Yoshi.

  • Il y a 1 décennie

    Squeaks? I don't remember him doing that!

    He never talks because in the beginning he never did talk and as the series went on he was'nt changed. Some character's never talk at all. Link also never talks because he does'nt need to!

    Source(s) : Me, I'm a big Zelda fan!
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    Link can't talk because it's part of his continuity now. We can't give Link a voice because it would demean him and take away from the franchise. Besides, too many people would stop playing if the voice just didn't fit.

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  • Il y a 1 décennie

    Well alot of games never have your own chariter spake so that you can will in the blank in you own form!

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  • Il y a 1 décennie

    people would see less of themselves in him and it would hurt profits, especially since they had quite a few games out where he couldn't have a voice... people would be disappointed he didn't sound like they expected.

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