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Any problems with the toys r us/babies r us chase credit card??

i opened a toys r us chase credit card and now chase is going back on their rewards policy. im wondering if anyone else had issues? problem IS NOT WITH TOYS R US/BABIES R US IT IS WITH CHASE CREDIT CARD COMPANY!!!! curious to see if anyone else has encountered this...

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havent gotten any coupons, had a few coming to me now they want to give me $10 not 10% off. wont even answer my fax which they asked me to send. or emails or return phone calls. obviously im not the least bit happy with their customer service..

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    They resently changed it from a 10% coupon to a $10 gift certificate when ever you have 1000 points. You do not earn points when you use the deffered payment/intrest option though.

    Other than that I have had NO problems whats so ever -- recieved alot of the 10% offf reward coupons. Yes I use my card alot...

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