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Fascism?; What the hell is Trump talking about?

As we all know and understand fascism has always come from the far Right!!!


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Fascism; https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fascism


Doesn't Trump mean Communism, that comes from the far Left?

Any political scholar with a PhD would understand this.

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  • Il y a 1 mois
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    Trump just reads whatever drivel is on the teleprompter.............

    someone could type in,  "The moon is made of green cheese and I've been there!" ............and he would read it....and stand here, and wait for the applause. 

    When the error is pointed out to him....he doubles down and swears he's had the cheese and it was great. 

    He's got the brains of a retarded squirrel. 

    Don't believe me------please,  explain this..............


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    Source(s) : airports.........in 1775. Rammed the ramparts. at Fort McHenry.....which didn't exist in 1775. What the HELL is he babbling about? and then the crowd applauds.........like, Yeah, Great speech!
  • Traci
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    Il y a 4 semaines

    Commie dems and fascism go together hand in hand.. add a little communism and Nazi influence and you have today's  so call "Democratic party"  Good Luck America!

  • Il y a 4 semaines

    By definition Facism is a a form of Socialism.

    It requires a large overbearing government controlling all aspects of society through a structured police state.

  • Anonyme
    Il y a 4 semaines

    No idiot Fascism can be a left wing thing too . Fascism in Romania was leftist Social Economic Fascist , Fascism really just meant you were against communism and Bolshevism . It really had nothing to do with killing Jews until Hitler became leader of Germany . Germans were National Socialist not Fascist . But there are leftist groups that are anti Fascist ,these groups are really just pro Soviet era communist militants that are just really against European heritage and Nationalism ,they wish to spread communism that's why most Antifa members are beholden to the Soviet flag and Vietnamese Communist Flag.

    That said there used to be left wing Fascist in the 30's and 1940's .

    It was called Social Economic Fascism ,it was about taxing the rich Jews and giving that money to the poorest in society. But what happen was German National Socialism slowly took over Romania and killed off all the left wing Fascist .

    Source(s) : Varieties of Fascism by Eugene Webber , book talks about the different varieties of Fascism.
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  • Anonyme
    Il y a 1 mois

    Fascism is about collectivism. In that regard it is related to Marxism. The only difference is fascism aims to use collectivism to empower the state whereas Marxism aims to use collectivism to empower the individual. Therefore, Marxism ultimately leads to anarchy, for empowered individuals become too proud and unruly to rule over; the result is the ultimate breakdown of the state and of civilization. At least that's what fascists like Hitler believed would be the end product of marxism. Fascists, though, believe the individual should be disregarded as individuals and should be used collectively in a way that strengthens the nation, for only a strengthened state can sustain the existence of a state, and a strong state is depended on a strong populace.. The goal of fascists is not to make the nation serve the individual but to make the individual serve the nation. Fascists do support a lot of progressive policies for the reason of strengthening the state. A smarter, healthier, and financially secure populace means a stronger state. For example, the Nazis created the NSV which was essentially Germany's more progressive version of the New Deal. No, fascism isn't far-right at its core. Sure, in retrospect fascism has historically embraced traditionalist elements but that's not the core of fascism. Fascists are actually opposed to things regarded as far-right such as capitalism. For example, Hitler hated consumer capitalism because he felt it promoted anarchy and narcicism seeing that businesses served the whims of consumers.

    Source(s) : Mein kampf, doctrine of racism, and Hitler's table talk.
  • Clive
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    Il y a 1 mois

    Speak for yourself.  That's what YOU think you know and understand.  In the real world, fascism is authoritarianism or dictatorship, which can come from left or right.

    Look, not ALL political ideas fit into left or right.  In reality, they fit better into a 4 way graph such as this https://stephentmorris.files.wordpress.com/2016/01...

  • Il y a 1 mois

    Yes, you have indeed been indoctrinated thoroughly with that belief.  A more careful reading of facts and history might lead you do a different conclusion.  

    But that would require you to move away from the comfort of mythology, which allows you to have an opinion without the discomfort of having to think. 

    Other than having a corporatist economy instead of a government owned one, there is little difference between fascism and communism as practiced.

  • Anonyme
    Il y a 1 mois

    Fascism was literally created by far left communists.

  • Anonyme
    Il y a 1 mois

    Trumps reads from prepared speeches, some ding dong on his speech writing team wrote that... and he's too dumb to catch it.

  • Il y a 1 mois

    November the 4 is coming. Please vote Trump out

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