Where in the world can I find the song : (welcome) composed by Marvin Hamlisch for the openning of 1984 LA olympics ? Nothing in youtube now?

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  • steve
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    Il y a 4 semaines

    The Paley Center for Media appears to have a copy, but you'll have to contact them.

    Also review the Wikipedia article '1984 Summer Olympics opening ceremony' (If I spelled it out it might be removed.).   It might be complete, but only fair video, fair sound, plus commentary interrupting the performance.

    Perhaps the easiest option is search for 'Dean Pitchford Career Highlight Reel' and watch around the 3 minute mark, but the segment isn't complete.   Or search out 'Beautiful To Watch LA Olympics Opening Ceremonies', but it also isn't complete and it has edits in the proceedings.

    There's also David Hoffman's "Behind The Scenes At the Los Angeles Olympics" documentary. Or look for 'Beautiful To Watch LA Olympics Opening Ceremonies'.

    Or ask at Marvin Hamlisch's -- or at (co-writer) Dean Pitchford's for a complete, clearer rendition.   (One would hope a rehearsal of the 1000 person Olympic Choir would have been recorded, since any live recordings would have most likely had too much audience noise.)

    There is the soundtrack "The Official Music Of The XXIIIrd Olympiad Los Angeles 1984" (Columbia ‎– BJS 39322, with two different sets of album cover art), but the song 'Welcome' isn't included.   You can find an inexpensive copy on Discogs. If there is another album containing 'Welcome' (like a Marvin Hamlisch or Dean Pitchford compilation or some other 1984 Olympic related album) it doesn't appear listed on Discogs -- or my search criteria was way off.  

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