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I am a teacher and I will be teaching in a mask next semester. I cant even be in a mask for 30 min as I feel breathless. How will that be ?


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    If your democrat governor says wear a mask.  You wear a mask.  In the meantime OSHA says it's harmful for you to wear one.  Good luck.

  • Il y a 2 semaines

    Maybe you teach the students how to make a mask out of two rubber bands and a piece of cloth.

    Hopefully, you are capable of reading in-between the above-provided sentence to learn the actual meaning. 

  • Il y a 1 mois

    if u struggle to wear a mask u should maybe not leave ur home, ur weak and ur bloodline should be stop, only americans complain about the mask, literally no other human on earth complain about it, in japan it even part of fashion to wear it all day, dont be such a baby, the more people who wear the mask the faster this will be over and u can go back to breathing like a beached dolphin wit asthma again lmao

  • whoo
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    Il y a 1 mois

    Find a mask that will help you breath easy ... keep looking you will find one . Some masks are harder to breath with. 

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  • Anonyme
    Il y a 1 mois

    Yet, I'm sure you can explain why doctors, nurses, and health care professionals are not dropping like flies. They wear their protection 24/7. 

  • kelvin
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    Il y a 1 mois

    here is an idea, why not wait until they make a decision on whether or not masks are even gonna be required

  • Andy
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    Il y a 1 mois

    You're a teacher, yet you can't post a question that makes sense? I pity your class. 

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